Chinoiserie Fortune Candy Bars for a 70th Birthday Party April 01 2015 | BY Gia Bartolome

We created these French and Oriental inspired Chinoiserie Fortune Wrappers, custom menus and favor tags for a milestone 70th birthday party. We love the wrappers so much, we added them to our shop. Maybe Confucius didn't really say, "Those who eat sweets have happy belly," but you can! Make your wrapper memorable with a whimsical saying and small photo on the back. Instead of plates and pedestals, use bamboo steamers to display your candy bars and desserts. Finish the ensemble with paper fans, ginger jars filled with custom fortune cookies and geometric pattern to balance the traditional elements. Be sure to check out all available colors and browse more Chinoiserie inspired wrappers here. Like the matching menus and tags? We can make custom stationery to coordinate with any wrapper design in our shop. Click here to learn more about our affordable custom design services.