How To Wrap Your Candy Bar

We Design And Make It. You Add The Bar And Wrap.

Sweet Paper Shop will expertly craft your one of a kind wrappers. You add your own candy bars and do the wrapping. With a little DIY assembly, you can have a luxe looking candy bar favor without the luxe price.

Fits A Hershey's® Bar

Our personalized candy bar wrapper and foil combination fits a Hershey's® 1.55 oz Milk Chocolate Bar, Hershey's® 1.55 oz Cookies ‘n’ Cream Bar, or Hershey's® 1.45 oz Special Dark Chocolate Bar sealed in its original plastic packaging.

Why Hershey's®?

Hershey's® Bars are timeless, reasonably priced and widely available online and in the U.S., making it easier for you to create a candy bar favor that is both chic and affordable.

Absolutely No Glue Needed!

Our personalized wrappers include a strip of double-sided tape on the back for easy assembly. Foils do not require adhesive if you wrap it the way we recommend in our instructions.

Instructions And More

You’ll receive instructions and 1-2 extra foils for practice. We also include a wrapped example that you can take apart and see how it’s assembled.

Reserve Time For Wrapping

Order early and set aside some time to wrap. For larger orders, spread it over a few days or get some friends and family together for a wrap session.

Where To Buy Hershey's®

You can buy Hershey's® Bars online at the official Hershey's® Store and on Amazon. You can also check your local grocery store and large retailers like Target, Walmart, Costco and Sam’s Club.

Custom Sized Wrappers

At present time, we do not offer custom sized wrappers but are working to bring this service back. Check back and follow us on social media to get the latest news and updates.