How to wrap

Sometimes actions do speak louder than words! Watch this short video tutorial to get an overview of how to wrap your candy bars with wrappers from Sweet Paper Shop. Having trouble seeing this video? Click to watch.


Orders for printed wrappers and digital printables include instructions to assist you in wrapping. Printed wrappers also include a wrapped example and some extra foils for practice. Click to download instructions.

Do I need glue?

Absolutley no extra glue need for printed wrappers! Printed wrappers arrive ready to assemble with your candy bars. To make wrapping faster, we apply a strip of peel and seal adhesive tape to the back of each wrapper at no additional charge. It's something unique to our wrappers! Digital printable wrappers are not a physical product and require you to do your own printing, cutting and sealing with glue or adhesive.

Fits a Hershey's® Bar

Our candy bar wrappers fit several types of Hershey's® bars including the 1.55 oz Milk Chocolate Bar, 1.55 oz Cookies ‘n’ Creme Bar and 1.45 oz Special Dark Chocolate Bar. Simply wrap over the candy bar sealed in its original plastic packaging. No need to remove the bar!

Why Hershey's®?

Hershey's® Bars are reasonably priced and widely available in the U.S. making them convenient for the majority of customers. While we have done custom sized wrappers for other types of candy bars, our experience has shown us that creating wrappers to fit the standard Hershey's® Bar is more cost efficient and allows us to pass the savings on to our customers. It is a big part of how we are able to help customers create a luxe looking candy bar without the luxe price tag. We also love the size of the standard Hershey's® Bar (not too big or small) and its rectalinear shape, which is ideal for over wrapping with additional layers and producing a smooth and clean appearance.

Where to buy Hershey's®

You can find Hershey's® Bars at the official online Hershey's® Store. You can also check your local grocery store or large retailers like Amazon, Target, Walmart, Costco and Sam’s Club.

Do you sell just the foils?

We are not a candy foil manufacturer and provide foils only as part of a set with our printed wrappers. We source our foils from a domestic vendor and include them with printed wrappers as a benefit to our customers at nearly zero markup. If you are ordering a digital printable and want to purchase foils, we recommend using using a paper backed candy foil sized 6" x 7.5". Click here to view compatible foils on Amazon.

Is it easy to wrap?

If you can wrap a gift, then you can wrap a candy bar! It usually gets faster and easier with each wrapper you assemble. If you are not completely confident, order a few extras and practice. Wrapping foils may be the most challenging part, which is the reason we include 1-2 extra foils for practice. Printed wrappers also include peel and seal adhesive on the back to make it even easier.

Reserve time to wrap

Order early and set aside a day and time to wrap your candy bars. Larger orders may take longer to assemble, so spreading it over a few days makes it more manageable. Get some family or friends to help!

Custom wrapper size

At present, we do not make custom sized wrappers although we have done them in the past for customers. Should we decide to bring this service back, we'll be sure to announce it on our website and social media accounts. Follow us to learn the latest!

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